School digital screen

A digital signage network in your school or college can dramatically improve the way you communicate with students, staff and visitors. You’ll be able to intelligently deploy diverse and engaging digital messaging across a wide area at a fraction of the cost and time compared to printed materials.

Our fully managed, fixed-cost service means all you have to think about is content.


We’ll develop bespoke, beautifully branded and designed content to meet your exact needs. We’ll identify your most frequent
communication types build them into our CMS so that you can recreate and publish them in no time. Here’s some creative inspiration on how our managed digital signage solution could transform communication across your school, college or university.

School digital signage news

School News

School digital signage welcome message

Welcome Visitors

School digital signage lunch menu

Lunch Menus

Education digital screen achievement message

Recognise Achievement

Create outstanding content in less than 5 minutes

With our unique CMS platform, you can generate and publish incredibly rich content in no time – with absolutely no design skills.

And whether you create 1 or 1,000 items a month, it still costs the same.

Education digital screen event message

Promote Events

Education digital signage


Education digital signage

Sports Results

Education digital signage

Personalised Messages


We’re digital signage experts from the media industry. For over a decade we’ve built and managed some of the most high profile commercial digital signage networks in the country. We specialise in automated data-driven content and know exactly what it takes to make digital signage networks reliable day in, day out. We offer you all our expertise in digital communication and will build and manage your network, whether one or a thousand screens, to the same industry-defining standards so that you can confidently embrace the many benefits digital signage has to offer without any of the risk.


You get a state-of-the-art digital signage network, professionally installed and packed with all the reliability, advanced functionality and automation that our experience brings. Our designers will create incredible core content based on your own brand guidelines and we’ll support and manage your network to our own exacting standards – all for a fixed cost. That means you get all the benefit and none of the risk.

Enterprise Grade Reliability

Robust and scalable.

You get all our learnings in running very large, very reliable digital advertising networks. Your platform will be at full speed and ready to scale on Day One.

Exceptional Design

We know what works.

Our designers will turn your brand identity into engaging and effective communication. Content automation reduces design dependency going forward.

Dynamic Content

You won’t find any USB keys here.

We specialise in turning data into rich content – in realtime. If your systems generate structured data then you won’t have to worry about creating property specs again.

Outstanding Support

Uptime matters.

We design our networks from the ground up not only with reliability but also diagnostics and remote support in mind.


Great-looking and sustainable content is what will make your digital signage network a success. Thanks to our clever server-side technologies, keeping your loop fresh with new content couldn’t be easier. We make it so simple for you to create and update content in a number of ways:


Upload ready-made content in a range of common formats straight to your loop via our easy-to-use web portal.


We’ll template your common communication types so that you can create new content in seconds (without designers) using our bespoke CMS platform


Self-curating realtime content such as News, Weather and Travel add interest and relevance and make sure your screens continue to be noticed.

And we’ll be there to make sure you get the most out of your system’s capabilities.


Always connected

Cloud-based and fully networked so you can easily manage your content from any computer. Your system is also constantly in touch with our monitoring servers and has a host of diagnostic and remote access capabilities built in so that we can quickly detect and rectify any issues, almost always remotely.

  • Communicate in seconds
  • Training
  • No burden on your IT department

Intelligent communication

You’ll get a system with all the advanced functionality found in the biggest digital advertising networks, expertly tailored to your exact requirements. We leverage the very latest technologies to improve and automate the way you communicate. We’ll create an intelligent loop that lets you say what you want, where you want and when you want it to with the least effort.

  • Complex scheduling made simple
  • Easily target messaging by location or time of day
  • Responsive loops automatically adjust to your content

Ease of use

We create systems that are both incredibly advanced yet easy and quick to use. We administer all the technical complexity that drives the functionality of your system and put our effort into creating simple interfaces that allow you to create rich digital messages quickly and easily. We fully support each system because we’re best-placed to do so which means there’s no burden on your IT department and you’re free to enjoy communicating.

  • Change content from any computer
  • Monitored 24/7
  • Full remote access for rapid support

Outstanding support

Uptime matters. We’re not only fanatical about reliability but also detecting and resolving issues should they occur. Your systems are monitored in realtime and with a host of remote access options, we can resolve most issues as quickly as we detect them. Support isn’t just for problems though – we’ll give you full training and guide you through continual development of your content so that you continue to get the most out of your system.

  • Realtime monitoring and rapid response
  • Training
  • Support and guidance throughout your contract


We like to talk – so if you’d like to have a chat about a potential digital signage network or if you’d like our help with an existing installation, please get in touch – we’d love to give you a demonstration and show you what makes us unique.