Estate agent digital signage

How hard are your window displays working? Intelligent estate agent digital signage can change the way you present yourself to the world. High brightness screens and engaging, intelligent digital content attract passers-by and drive leads. One screen can do the work of tens of paper displays and data-driven content not only looks spectacular but saves you time and money each and every day.

Our fully managed, fixed-cost service takes you straight to the cutting edge of capability and reliability without the technical risk.


We’re digital signage experts from the media industry. For over a decade we’ve built and managed some of the most high profile commercial digital signage networks in the country. We specialise in automated data-driven content and know exactly what it takes to make digital signage networks reliable day in, day out. We offer you all our expertise in digital communication and will build and manage your network, whether one or a thousand screens, to the same industry-defining standards so that you can confidently embrace the many benefits digital signage has to offer without any of the risk.


You get an advanced and scalable digital signage platform packed with the reliability and functionality that comes with our experience. We plan, install, manage and support your system and design amazing core content so that you’re up and running at full speed on day one and there’s no extra burden on your IT department.

Enterprise Grade Reliability

Robust and scalable.

You get all our learnings in running very large, very reliable digital advertising networks. Your platform will be at full speed and ready to scale on Day One.

Exceptional Design

We know what works.

Our designers will turn your brand identity into engaging and effective communication. Content automation reduces design dependency going forward.

Dynamic Content

You won’t find any USB keys here.

We specialise in turning data into rich content – in realtime. If your systems generate structured data then you won’t have to worry about creating property specs again.

Outstanding Support

Uptime matters.

We design our networks from the ground up not only with reliability but also diagnostics and remote support in mind.

Advanced digital signage that just works.


Of course you’ll have an advanced, reliable and incredibly well-supported digital signage platform but what really matters is what gets seen: your content. We also know you don’t want to spend your time creating and maintaining content. Our designers will create exceptional core content for you and our expertise in content automation will make curating it a thing of the past.


We love turning data into rich digital signage content and eliminating the need for content curation. If your property management systems are compatible, we’ll develop the data interface and dynamic templates so that if a property is on your system, its on your digital screens. Just like that.


Even if your business systems can’t generate data suitable for full automation, our clever bespoke CMS platform lets you create and publish beautiful property content without the need for designers. We’ll design templates for you so that all you have to do is log in, add a few details and publish. It only takes a minute or two to add professionally-designed property specs to your screens.


Make your displays do more. Easily incorporate brand messaging into your loop in a wide range of static or animated formats. We’ll even design it for you, should you wish.


Rich, beautifully designed digital property spec


Cloud-based and always online

Hard-wired and in constant contact with our monitoring servers, your system is always under our protective blanket. We monitor it constantly and can quickly access it remotely should a problem arise. It also means you can easily manage all your screens from any web-enabled computer.

  • Monitored 24/7
  • Manage from any computer
  • Full remote diagnostics

Make your windows work!

Make your window display work for you. One window location can suddenly do so many things. Layer multiple content items in a loop, schedule different content at different times or days. Incorporate branding pieces into your window portfolio.

  • Reduce clutter, free up window space and communicate more!
  • Let us create a varied loop for you – say more in much less space
  • Animated marketing messages capture attention

Outstanding support

We use all of our experience to design reliability, redundancy and remote diagnostics into the core of our systems. They’re in constant contact with our monitoring servers so we can detect and resolve any issues very quickly – usually remotely. Should equipment fail completely, we’ll be rapidly onsite with a replacement.

  • Monitored 24/7
  • Full remote access and diagnostics
  • Fast onsite support

Risk-free, managed service

Adopt the very latest digital sigange technology, fully managed for you by experts. Avoid costly development and technical risk and enjoy a predictable fixed cost solution.

  • Proven industry-leading technology
  • Fully managed hardware and software/server infrastructure
  • Digital signage that just works


We like to talk – so if you’d like to have a chat about a potential digital signage network or if you’d like our help with an existing installation, please get in touch – we’d love to give you a demonstration and show you what makes us unique.

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